We want Retro Wars to be the ultimate couch multiplayer battle game. Because different people like different games it's important that everyone is able to mod Retro Wars to make it truly the best for them.

Create your own minigames

Anyone who can write Java can create their own minigame and add it to Retro Wars. See a very simple example or a realistic example.

Tutorial coming soon!


The major game modes in RetroWar all use our UniBlaster engine. It can be modded in various ways...


To add new songs, simply drop them into the music folder. Currently supported formats are:


New levels can be created using Tiled The format is not yet finalised, but you can load the existing levels into the editor to see how they were made.


Character parameters can be altered within UniBlaster by selecting 'custom game' and then 'advanced'. (The graphics are not yet moddable!)