Use your mobile phone as a game controller

We have made MobControl, a free library to add mobile phone controllers to your game!

You can see it in action now in the beta version of RetroWar

Godot Space Shooter

We have made small shooter game, built to learn Godot. Play it now

We also made a tutorial so you can learn to make your own shooter game.

RetroWar Linux released!

RetroWar is offically supported on Windows 10, but if you have a Mac you may have noticed Steam will download and play a Mac build. This is provided on a best effort basis. (It may not be up to date, and if Apple decides to break it in 6 months it could stop working.)

As of today there is also a Linux build! It should be considered a beta, which is why it is not advertised as supported in the store. But if we get enough feedback from Linux users we would like to eventually promote it to supported status.



RetroWar is now fully integrated with Parsec for online play. Enable beta test to try it now! RetroWar

In addition, we have produced a wrapper for any other Java developers who wish to integrate Parsec: Parsec Java

Lord Crocosquirrel plays RetroWar

Proving that some of the games can be played single player (although they are more fun with friends!).